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On Stage, LIVE! - 24 World Class Speakers for Less Than $7.50 for each program! 

PhotoPro Expo 2016

How would you like to hear 24 industry leaders including:  

Joel Grimes, Greg Heisler, Kirk Volclain, Clay Blackmore, Matt Kloskowski, Ty Fischer,

Dave Cross, William Innes, Judy Host, Bill Fortney, Jim Cunningham, Michael Mowbray, Phillips Mitchell,

Bruce Berg, Rebecca & Jason Weaver,  Rosemary Cundiff-Brown, Lora Yeater, Michael Timmons,

David Fitzsimmons, Tim Walden, Jeff Foster, Paul Goodman and more?


That's what shaping up for next year's PhotoPro Expo 2016. 


Talk about VALUE - 24 Speakers for only $179.   - that's less that $7.50 for each world class program!!! Unbelievable!!!


Add to that 3 GREAT Parties! Midnight At The Oasis Lighting Clinic, huge Trade show and tons more!

It's "Flat Out" one great time!


Here is the deal - we are updating the website with all new details for next year's show - it not there yet - but the current website just goes to show what a great time we have at PhotoPro Expo2015. 


Sign up today with SAVINGS CODE SAVE100 during the website transition period and you can jump on the deal of the century! 


Prices $179........... USE promo code SAVE100 REGISTER NOW! 

Join us February 4-8, 2016 for PhotoPro Expo!

Register NOW for the incredibly low price of 

Register at PHOTOPRO EXPO 2016

Use the code SAVE100

NOTE:  We are still in the process of putting together our schedule, speak bio info, etc. 
So please understand you will see last year's line-up just to give you an idea of ALL we offer at Expo!

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